The Alliance toured Exelon City Solar, the largest urban solar field in the United States, on August 3rd, 2016. The field, which had been vacant for 30 years, was completed in 2010. It utilizes a former 4,100-acre brownfield. Exelon removed pollutants and safety hazards from the site in order to make the land usable again. The 32,292 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate enough energy to power up to 1,500 homes each year. The clean energy generated by Exelon City Solar displaces more than 30 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year – the equivalent of taking more than 2,500 cars off the road.


On June 28th, members of the Illinois Smart Solar Alliance—along with children from a local elementary school—got an exciting, hands-on learning experience on how solar energy works from Millennium Solar President Chris Williams. The community event, hosted at the DuSable Museum of African American History, was held to teach children the importance of renewable forms of energy, such as solar energy. DuSable was one of the first buildings in Chicago to install solar panels, and the children were able to witness how solar energy works to power the panels and how solar can be utilized on a large scale project. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the DuSable Museum, and to Mr. Williams for showing the next generation the importance of solar energy!


Illinois Smart Solar Alliance members were proud to take part in the 2016 Illinois State University Renewable Energy Conference on Thursday, July 21st. Members enjoyed attending sessions on a wide range of topics from community solar to water and energy efficiency. Members were excited to hear from leaders in the renewable energy industry and to learn what they think is ahead for the future of energy. Members also met with individuals who have a shared interest in developing solar in a way that will benefit all of our communities. As the Illinois Smart Solar Alliance continues to explore and identify opportunities to bring solar to Illinois, the insight gained at the 2016 Illinois State University Renewable Energy Conference will certainly be taken into account as the group learns more about solar energy in Illinois!


Illinois Smart Solar Alliance Hosts First Community Event


“It is so important that we open up solar for our communities, especially for those that are often left out in the advancement of new technologies,” said Naomi Davis, President and Founder, Blacks in Green. “I look forward to working with the Illinois Smart Solar Alliance to identify ways to not only bring solar energy opportunities to the region but to also create new green jobs for our community.”

Chicago Crusader

Solar Energy Can Benefit Chicago Neighborhoods


“Working with communities such as Austin in recognizing the benefits of solar energy can be transformative in savings for low disparity areas in the future.”

Chicago Defender