About us

We are a group of organizations and individuals who seek to grow solar energy in Illinois. We aim to bring solar power into our neighborhoods responsibly to ensure that the growth of this important resource benefits all of our communities. Committed to education, community engagement and solar policies that benefit all of us, we will grow Illinois’ clean energy future and ensure the path to a greener tomorrow.
We are committed to:
Helping Illinois grow its clean energy future

Educating ourselves and our communities on the power and benefits of solar and clean energy
Exploring and pursuing smart solar policies in Illinois
Seeking solar development in Illinois and in our communities
To do this, we will:
Educate ourselves and our communities on solar power and development opportunities, while engaging our communities and our children to create a vision for clean energy in our neighborhoods.
Ensure our communities and stakeholders understand the importance of smart policies that expand solar so that all of our communities can benefit.
Pursue the development of solar in our neighborhoods.
A smart, sustainable future for solar energy in Illinois is dependent on education. We seek to explore and pursue responsible policies and identify ways to bring solar to our neighborhoods and communities. Our mission is to integrate and grow solar in our state in a way that fairly benefits all Illinois residents, so that together we can grow a sustainable clean energy future.